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Yogasenteret til Kundalini Yoga Skolen i Oslo har fått sitt eget navn og nettside! For påmelding og timeplan vennligst klikk på bilde under får å bli henvist til Northern Light Yoga Oslo sin nettside!

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Kundalini Yoga i Oslo

Kundalini Yoga i Oslo

Welcome to Kundalini Yoga Skolen! With us you can learn and practice Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. We offer the possibillity of teaching Yoga in English for english speakers.
Kundalini Yoga Skolen in Oslo offers a transformative, effective and holistic form og yoga - designed to meet the challenges of our times!
Experience an ancient but highly modern form of yoga where in addition to physical exercise you will experience increased mental and emotional health, as well as deeper connection with your authentic power. Kundalini Yoga is the origin of Medical Yoga and offers a wide range of powerful therapeutic methods. Unfold your potential and break through mental and self-limiting blockages through meditation, pranayama and dynamic yoga exercises for body, mind and spirit!
We offer Kundalini Yoga in Oslo for all levels, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training LEVEL 1 & 2 Norway, Yoga for Businesses, Private Yoga lessons, Medical Yoga and Karam Kriya. In addition we offer monthly full-day workshops with Kundalini Yoga in Oslo as well as special events with various themes for different target groups. 
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Oppstart Kundalini Yoga Lærerutdanning OSLO
Utdannelsen finner sted på Northern Light Yoga ved Frogner 
Oppstart Kundalini Yoga Lærerutdanning TRONDHEIM
Utdannelsen finner sted på Femme Aktiv i Trondheim 
Oppstart Kundalini Yoga Lærerutdanning TROMSØ
Utdannelsen finner sted på St. Elisabeth i Tromsø sentrum

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