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Yoga for Businesses

Business YogaKundalini Yoga Skolen offers yoga for businesses, both in Oslo and Hønefoss. Business Yoga is a concept built on simple and effective Kundalini Yoga exercises and techniques which are specifically suited to be applied during your work-day or in your workinf-environment.

When people become ill or get a burn-out, it is often because they at some point have been ignoring important signals given them by their body or psyche. By including Kundalini Yoga in your everyday life, you will increase your consciousness and sensitivity toward these signals, making it possible for you to act on them in time, take better choices and act precautionary. Experience has showed that businesses who offer yoga to their employees tend to have fewer sick leaves and increased well-being in the work place.

During the course, advice will be given on how to keep your energy throughout the day, master stress and achieve inner peace and focus. Kundalini Yoga is a good tool for gathering your inner resources and make use of your full potential.

You will learn exercises and techniques which can be done in the office chair and in a standing position. These effective exercises can be done everywhere: during a break at work, while travelling or in your own home.

The intention of these classes is to give you a peaceful moment within the course of your working week, where you can take some time to “gather yourself” and be in a nice and uplifting setting with your colleagues. You will get the possibility to reset yourself, get more energy and drive, gather inspiration and last but not least: perform better in your work! You will also learn how to become more aware of your breath and will experience how only small changes can improve your everyday life!

Do you want us to come to your business?

Send an e-mail to:  info@kundalini-yoga.no or call us on: 922 14 004


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