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Full Moon Meditation Oslo


Full moon meditations


At every full moon, we offer a special Full Moon Meditation in Kundalini Yoga, either in Oslo or in Hønefoss. The Full Moon Meditation is a group meditation, which is practiced in a circle and has a very healing and calming effect on body and mind. These evening meditations are open for everyone, and you do not need to have experience with yoga to take part in it.


Why do we do Full Moon Meditations?


The period around the full moon is the time for purification, being able to complete ones tasks, being open for change, and letting go. Meditating at full moon has a centering effect, it sets the focus inwards and helps to curb inner personal conflicts. It is said that to have the possibility to meditate and come together at full moon is a gift, because that is a time when our subconscious comes closer to the surface and thus is more receptive for change!


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