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Karam Kriya Coaching

Karam Kriya CoachingKundalini Yoga Skolen offers Karam Kriya Coaching for individuals, partners and businesses, as well as weekly Karam Kriya classes and workshops.

Are you ready to bring more awareness into your life? Do you want to get insights into why you feel, think and react the way you do? or are you wondering what is your next step and how you can unfold your potential?
Then Karam Kriya is a unique tool! Karam Kriya is applied yogic numerology inspired by Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajans teachings, founded by Shiv Charan Singh. A consultation-form which offers interactive diagnostic tools for self-transformation.
Karam Kriya can help you integrate insights from various life events, yoga, meditation or other spiritual disciplines into your practical everyday-life. You don't need any experience of Kundalini Yoga or other form of numerology to join an open class / workshop or make an appointment for Karam Kriya Coaching. Karam Kriya Coaching is suitable for individuals, couples as well as businesses - anyone who wants to bring more awareness and authenticity in the form of inner dialogue, partnership or in a group dynamic.
Get conscious of the patterns you live in! Let the science of applied yogic numerology show you the mystic way of perceiving the world through the art of numbers. Numbers is the hidden language behind everything. Explore how numbers can guide and support you in working towards the unfolding of your potential!

In Karam Kriya Coaching we can look at the following:
- Your personal numerology based on your date of birth
- The interaction between you and your partner / friend / family's numerology
- Conflict Resolution and awareness in relation to group dynamics 
- How to see through the tricks of the Mind
- Conscious communication
- Understanding your own reaction-patterns and emotions
- How to reach your personal / group goals

Kundalini Yoga School is the only place for Karam Kriya in Norway.


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