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Weekly Yoga classes


The Yoga classes at Kundalini Yoga Skolen in Oslo, Asker and Hønefoss

All weekly classes in Oslo, Asker and near Hønefoss are open to everyone.

You can start whenever you want, and you do not need experience with yoga, or to be particularly fit to start doing Kundalini Yoga.  Each class is different,  new and interesting, while we fokus for several weeks on specific themes.

The classes are also as suitable for men as they are for women!

Kundalini Yoga is suitable for those who are interested in trying out a form of yoga that combines diverse and dynamic yoga exercises with a more spiritual practice and inspiration. The classes give you an effective tool for mastering stress, offering you exercises to help you gather your inner resources and make full use of your own human potential.

Kundalini Yoga is a good, fun and inspiring way to stay fit, which focuses on strengthening the nerve, hormone and immune system, and helps you increase your consciousness of yourself and your body!

Kundalini Yoga Skolen consists of four Kundalini Yoga teachers with a broad experience within the field: Jacob AnandRaj Schaible, Salila Gyanjot Vestøl, Marianne Skarholt and Jaideep Singh. They have all previously been well-established yoga teachers in the Netherlands, Germany and France, but are now set in Oslo.

You are more than welcome to come for a trial session!

Remember to wear comfortable and loose clothes, and avoid eating heavy foods prior to the class!

Please bring your own blanket (and yoga mat/sheep skin if you have one)

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