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Private lessons and Yoga Therapy


Do you want guidance or yoga lessons especially suited to your needs? Do you have specific symptoms or personal issues that you wish to work on? Or do you have difficulties in being in a group? If so, you are very welcome to attend a private lesson.

Jakob AnandRaj Schaible og Salila Gyanjot Vestøl at Me within Me, both have long experience in giving individual lessons and guidance. If you live close to Oslo or Hønefoss, we also have the possibility of coming directly to your home.

You will learn effective yoga exercises, breathing techniques and meditations suited to your needs. A private lesson can take place in one of our yoga rooms or in your own home. The appointment is preferably set to day-time or mornings, but it is also possible to get an evening class now and then. It is up to you whether you feel like coming for an introductory class or if you prefer following a program of 5- 10 classes. Together we will find out what works best for you. Private lessons are a good investment in your total health, well-being and consciousness.

Yoga therapy
Yoga therapy is often done in a private lesson. It is an individually adjusted form of therapy, which integrates the medicinal techniques of Kundalini Yoga with conversations to raise your awareness and use of Karam Kriya (applied numerology based on yogic principles).

It is also possible to get individual guidance about nutrition.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment: click here

800,- kr. for one 90 min. session and 3450,- kr. for a package of 5 sessions of 90 min.



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