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Trial: Free of charge when signed up through our contactpage Drop-in: Kr. 200,-
5-klipp: Kr. 850,- Gyldig i 3 mnd. 10-klipp: Kr. 1500,- Gyldig i 6 mnd.
NEW! Do us much Kundalini Yoga you want per week for only kr. 960, - per month! (6 months commitment and applies only to classes given at Steinerhøyskolen) If you have a clip-card or a flatrate per month you get 15% of on all our workshop's.
Address for weekly evening classes on monday's and thursday's at 18:00: Steinerhøyskolen Berle, Prof. Dahls gate 30, 0260 Oslo (i Eurytmisalen i 2nd floor) NB! Only drop-in payment kr. 120,- available on all morning classes at SIO Athletica Vulkan near Grunerløkka. No free trial.

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