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Moduler & Undervisningsinnhold

kundalini yoga undervisningsinnholdLærerutdanningen til Kundalini Yoga Skolen er en Internasjonal KRI godkjent Kundalini Yoga LEVEL 1 utdanning og følger samme pensum som alle andre KRI godkjente utdanninger selv om rekkefølgen på modulene kan variere fra utdanning til utdanning.  
(informasjon på engelsk)
Updated Information on our new website:
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training a Path to Excellence
Module 1: Foundations
Fr/ Sat: introduction, what is yoga, what is kundalini yoga, types of yoga,
what is a teacher, golden chain, householders Dharma, Adi Mantra, Bhakti – Shakti 
Class structure – leading your practicum

Identity of a teacher part 1

Administration: requirements, timeline, how to structure your education, (white tantra, assignments)

 Sun.: Sound and Mantra part 1:

Sat Nam, Aquarian Mantras, pronunciation, rhythm, projection

Module 2: Golden Link
Fr/ Sat.: Sound and mantra part 2, technology, variety of Mantras, Jap Ji, Anahat, 
Quantum Technology, Shabad Guru, 4 Yugas, 

Sadhana, How to build up your personal sadhana, Aquarian Sadhana

 Sun.: Lifestyle part 1, daily routines, diets  
Module 3: Sadhana - Spiritual Discipline
Fr/ Sat.: Lifestyle part 2

Presentation of the yogic lifestyle program, reflection on the effects,
Aquarian Age, 7 steps of happiness
Addiction and Yoga,
 Sun.: Humanology

Cycle of life, faith or destiny
, Communication, Success 

Module 4: Being Human

Fr/ Sat: Humanology

Yogic Relationships, Gender specific
 Sun: Humanology / Yogic Anatomy/ Philosophy
7 Chakras, 5 Tattwas, 3 Gunas 

Module 5: Our Body a Temple

Fr/ Sat: Anatomy

Presentation of the groups, discussions, question answers
 Sun: Anatomy / Asana

Yogic anatomy - Kundalini leads to bandhas and asanas 

Module 6: Attitude of Altitude
Fr/ Sat:  Asana

Attitude of living
Sun: Asana/ Pranayama/ Meditation

breathing the Sat Nam, posture for meditation 

Module 7: Mind and Meditation

Fr/ Sat: Mind and Meditation

3 minds, role-play
Sun: Mind and Meditation, Philosophy, History of Yoga

Cycle of the intellect, meditations, 
Patanjali 8 stages of yoga controlling the mind leading to Samadhi.

Module 8: Wisdom and Authority

Fr/ Sat: Philosophy

Law of manifestation, Patanjali – Tattwas – Code of ethics

/ Roles and responsibility

identity of a teacher
Sun:  Roles and Responsibilities
inside/ outside of the class room 

Module 9: Mystery and Mastery

Fr/ Sat: Challenges of teaching KY
Discussion on assignments,
Golden Chain Part 2
Sun: Spiritual development
Spiritual teacher, History of yoga, , Preparation Ashram Experience 

Module 10: Excel

Ashram Experience 5 Days at Quinta do Rajo, Portugal
Ten Spiritual Bodies; and Applied Science of Spiritual Numerology,

KY and Sikh Dharma,

Answer & questions Viewing and experiencing Yogi Bhajan through videos. 

The Master’s Touch Personal check in.

Improving teaching skills. 

Module 11: Building a living community (Sanghat)

Sa/Sun Examen and graduation 

Vision finding, Building a living community-sanghat
Completion of all requirements

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