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Moduler & Undervisningsinnhold

kundalini yoga undervisningsinnholdLærerutdanningen til Kundalini Yoga Skolen er en Internasjonal KRI godkjent Kundalini Yoga LEVEL 1 utdanning og følger samme pensum som alle andre KRI godkjente utdanninger selv om rekkefølgen på modulene kan variere fra utdanning til utdanning.  
(informasjon på engelsk)
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training a Path to Excellence
Module 1: Foundations
Fr/ Sat: introduction, what is yoga, what is kundalini yoga, types of yoga,
what is a teacher, golden chain, householders Dharma, Adi Mantra, Bhakti – Shakti 
Class structure – leading your practicum

Identity of a teacher part 1

Administration: requirements, timeline, how to structure your education, (white tantra, assignments)

 Sun.: Sound and Mantra part 1:

Sat Nam, Aquarian Mantras, pronunciation, rhythm, projection

Module 2: Golden Link
Fr/ Sat.: Sound and mantra part 2, technology, variety of Mantras, Jap Ji, Anahat, 
Quantum Technology, Shabad Guru, 4 Yugas, 

Sadhana, How to build up your personal sadhana, Aquarian Sadhana

 Sun.: Lifestyle part 1, daily routines, diets  
Module 3: Sadhana - Spiritual Discipline
Fr/ Sat.: Lifestyle part 2

Presentation of the yogic lifestyle program, reflection on the effects,
Aquarian Age, 7 steps of happiness
Addiction and Yoga,
 Sun.: Humanology

Cycle of life, faith or destiny
, Communication, Success 

Module 4: Being Human

Fr/ Sat: Humanology

Yogic Relationships, Gender specific
 Sun: Humanology / Yogic Anatomy/ Philosophy
7 Chakras, 5 Tattwas, 3 Gunas 

Module 5: Our Body a Temple

Fr/ Sat: Anatomy

Presentation of the groups, discussions, question answers
 Sun: Anatomy / Asana

Yogic anatomy - Kundalini leads to bandhas and asanas 

Module 6: Attitude of Altitude
Fr/ Sat:  Asana

Attitude of living
Sun: Asana/ Pranayama/ Meditation

breathing the Sat Nam, posture for meditation 

Module 7: Mind and Meditation

Fr/ Sat: Mind and Meditation

3 minds, role-play
Sun: Mind and Meditation, Philosophy, History of Yoga

Cycle of the intellect, meditations, 
Patanjali 8 stages of yoga controlling the mind leading to Samadhi.

Module 8: Wisdom and Authority

Fr/ Sat: Philosophy

Law of manifestation, Patanjali – Tattwas – Code of ethics

/ Roles and responsibility

identity of a teacher
Sun:  Roles and Responsibilities
inside/ outside of the class room 

Module 9: Mystery and Mastery

Fr/ Sat: Challenges of teaching KY
Discussion on assignments,
Golden Chain Part 2
Sun: Spiritual development
Spiritual teacher, History of yoga, , Preparation Ashram Experience 

Module 10: Excel

Ashram Experience 5 Days at Quinta do Rajo, Portugal
Ten Spiritual Bodies; and Applied Science of Spiritual Numerology,

KY and Sikh Dharma,

Answer & questions Viewing and experiencing Yogi Bhajan through videos. 

The Master’s Touch Personal check in.

Improving teaching skills. 

Module 11: Building a living community (Sanghat)

Sa/Sun Examen and graduation 

Vision finding, Building a living community-sanghat
Completion of all requirements

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