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Chemistry of Love

chemistry of love

When we fall in love, our hormones are totally out of balance :-)

First we have a rush of adrenaline. Life is exited like never before, we open up for somebody we don't know, each signal, each trace gives us a new flash of adrenaline.
When we finally get attention we are showered with dopamine from our endocrine glands, we experience undescribable happiness and bliss; the person we love shares our feeling!!!!
And then, much later, when the first excitement has developed a bound, a reliance, a commitment, our body produces serotonin and vasopressin that gives us a feeling of security, of deep trust, peace and satisfaction.
Do you just want to be in balance or do you want to be in love?
Fall in love with your self!
You will have the best company for the rest of your life. Somebody who takes care of you, understands you and somebody you have to care for. Relate to your self as new every day and experience the kick of adrenalin when you face the unknown! Have an appointment with your Self every day and enjoy the bliss of being. Bond with your self and renew the marriage with your Self every day to find deep trust, and peace within you.

Are you ready to fall in love? Then let everything else fall, except your Self!


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